What is TaxWise hosting

TaxWise is a tax preparation software used by CPAs, tax professionals, and accounting firms. It aims to increase productivity, navigate changes, and maximize efficiency. TaxWise hosting provides a solution that helps your firms succeed; cloud automates and streamlines your tax filing processes that help you grow and manage your business. Quick Cloud provides a single unified platform for auditing and workflows to increase collaboration between the users, leading to higher output. With TaxWise hosting, you can file faster returns in competitive pricing. The focus lies on increased client expectations, new regulations, the ongoing digital revolution or a generational shift, and accountants are more optimistic than ever about the benefits of technology.

TaxWise hosting on Quick Cloud for more flexibility


TaxWise hosting on Quick Cloud for more flexibility

Our TaxWise hosting solutions are secure and reliable as it is our top priority to ensure the safety of your data. We offer flexible cloud servers for TaxWise software that enhance functionalities and provide you with a smooth tax filing experience. Our hosting services also allow you to access your favorite tax application from anywhere at any time, from any multi-devices including iPad and iPhone that makes your job easier and makes you more productive and efficient. As accountancy is constantly evolving and growing because, ultimately, it responds to the needs of businesses and the people working in them, your employees need to collaborate to achieve higher productivity with our TaxWise hosting solutions.

Be more productive with reliable TaxWise cloud hosting

Be more productive with reliable TaxWise cloud hosting

Now file your complex tax returns easily by integrating with our TaxWise cloud hosting solutions; it saves your time and simplifies the return filing process. Hosted TaxWise brings more efficiency with additional cloud features, including flexible accessibility, data security, backups, and scalability. These features increase the capability of your tax software to process returns quicker; drive growth, productivity and profitability with automated cloud platforms that give your business a boost by streamlining your tax preparation. Servers adapted to fit your business model help reduce penalties and assure compliance, which helps you grow your business. With more accurate data, you can make better decisions.


Data security at its best to safeguard your information on TaxWise cloud


Data security at its best to safeguard your information on TaxWise cloud

Safeguarding your data is our uppermost concern; we have tools and protection in place that assure your financial information is safe. Our advanced enterprise-level security protocols, including two-factor authentication, 256-bit data encryption, and multi-layer firewalls, ensure complete protection of your data. Take advantage of 24/7 network monitoring by migrating to the TaxWise cloud infrastructure. Our maintenance team continuously monitors & tracks your servers in real-time to eliminate any threat puts an extra layer of security on your cloud server. We are PCI compliant, which means we follow all the cybersecurity guidelines.

Benefits of TaxWise software hosting on Quick Cloud

Daily backups

Your data is backed up daily on multiple layers on our cloud servers, both onsite & offsite. Also, we use automated and manual methods to ensure we have all the backups.


As per your growing business needs, we can always add resources to your cloud, including CPUs, memory, and storage options. With our flexible pricing model, spend only for the services and resources you use and save big monthly.

Multi User collaboration

With access to your data in real-time, the users can share information easily, increasing collaboration between the users and, hence, better teamwork. Our servers are accessible from anywhere and anytime, so your data is always available to you.

Pay as you go model

With our pay-as-you-go model policy, now pay only for what you use, based on the users and resources. You can always add more resources to your cloud as per your business requirements. Not only that, you can save a great deal of your money with TaxWise software hosting as you don’t have to invest hefty budgets on the installation and maintenance of IT infrastructure or hiring IT support professionals.

Integrated add-ons

With our TaxWise software hosting, you can also host TaxWise supported Add-ons on our terminal servers that add more to the power and efficiency of your favorite tax software. We ensure the smooth integration and hassle-free data migration of your data and programs.

99.99 % uptime

Higher availability on our cloud servers so that your data is always up and running, which means there will be no delay in filing the returns. Your critical data is accessible to you anytime.

Hosting for TaxWise on completely managed cloud servers

hosting-for-TaxWise-on-completely-managed-cloud- servers

Dedicated Cloud specialists are assigned to maintain and manage your servers daily. Rather than being distracted by IT issues, you can focus on running your business. Our team performs several activities in the background while hosting your TaxWise that get you optimized performance and maintain a high-functioning cloud. It reduces IT costs to increase your savings by switching to our Quick Cloud platforms. Periodic reviews of your servers' security using security auditing tools and regular security audits serve as a check on system configuration, OS updates, and other potential security risks that maintain your data's safety and security and keep it intact.

✔ Software updates:

Our server maintenance team will carry out automatic software updates daily, including windows and TaxWise.

✔ Scanning:

Scanning the server through antivirus and other security tools ensures the TaxWise hosting environment is safe.

✔ Resource optimization:

CPU, RAM, and disk storage resources are optimized to ensure responsiveness and performance.

✔ Verifying backups:

Our expert technicians test all backup copies daily; both automated and manual backup is available.

✔ Reviewing user accounts & permissions:

File and folder level permissions verification for different users, so that system security remains intact.

Experience evolutionary shift with TaxWise hosting on cloud

There are signs that accountants are favoring changes. For example, we have to consider “technical and ethical abilities, intelligence, creativity, digital skills, emotional intelligence, vision, and experience.” Due to changing client expectations and technical innovations, consider your firms to be early adopters of technology, investing readily in the best technology available to stay ahead of competitors and diversify their offerings with our TaxWise cloud hosting services. Emerging technologies also have a role to play in modern accountancy. As technology advances and becomes more robust, what we see now as emerging cloud technology will soon become the norm. Then accountants will be able to more clearly perceive the positive impact of cloud hosting on their firm and customers. At Quick Cloud, we provide the platforms that will allow you to expand beyond traditional accounting and grow with the benefits of the latest cloud technology.

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