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A powerful application for seamless tax filing, Lacerte tax software is used by taxpayers and business clients for tax preparation. Comprising several thousand forms, it offers an easy-to-use interface for quick filing by enabling tax professionals to file a maximum number of returns at a time. One of the reasons it is considered the most proficient tax software in the market is its ability to move tax data between individual and business returns automatically. Lacerte tax can automatically catch errors and omissions in data; however, the best use of the application can be made by moving it to the cloud for additional benefits of flexibility and collaborations with Lacerte hosting. Now you can tackle the complex returns with ease and confidence with your Lacerte tax on the cloud.

Streamline your work with Lacerte
hosting on Quick Cloud

Considering the benefits that Lacerte hosting can bring to a modern tax practice, with two thirds of accountants turning to the cloud for automation. Fewer repetitive tasks and fewer mistakes make for better interactions with clients and improved service offerings. Cloud technology brings clear benefits for accountants & tax professionals as there are a lot of features that help streamlining the tax filing all while anticipating and adapting to the increasing needs of clients and offering competitive service. Lacerte hosting features like automated backups & updates with the freedom to work together within a secure environment; from any device and at any time. We believe tax professionals and their clients cannot, and should not, be left behind as technology advances. By hosting their Lacerte they can harness the change, evolve their practice, and bring about exciting new possibilities.


You have the freedom to access your tax software from any location, any time and that is from any device. This also makes files sharing easier between users.

Data Security

Cloud provides protection beyond the limits of your computer or local server. With Lacerte Hosting you gain layers of security measures, including data encryption, advanced firewall.

Reduced IT cost

Our team of cloud based tax software experts handle your IT, so you never have to worry about backups, updates, server costs, or maintenance ever again.

Real time collaboration

Now collaborate from anywhere. With Hosting your Lacerte, you can work together with teammates on a return, using the same data at the same time – whether you’re in the same location or not.

Tackle complex returns easily with Lacerte cloud hosting


Tackle complex returns easily with Lacerte cloud hosting

To carry out complex tax assessment operations, Lacerte cloud hosting is an impeccable solution for tax professionals. The automated user interface when coupled with the features and benefits of the cloud gives you an organized and hassle free tax filing experience. Therefore, it provides a mutual platform to the accountants and their clients for carrying out their accounting tasks. Hosted Lacerte tax software improves coordination between teams through simultaneous access, monitor, and managing the tax preparation operations with utmost ease and accuracy. You can free yourself from IT and security hassles, with automatic updates, automatic backups, built-in layers of security, multi-user access with our hosting for Lacerte solutions. Get all the benefits of remote accessibility with Quick Cloud.

Lacerte tax hosting for more efficiency with time savings

Lacerte tax hosting for more efficiency with time savings

We understand that the tax season can be hectic due to the nature of the work accountants perform during deadlines. Our Lacerte tax hosting solutions gives you a convenient environment where you can work with your team member’s at the same time. Anytime, anywhere and from any device accessibility eliminates geographical constraints. With an active internet connection, the employees can share and access files directly from any device of their choice. Our latest cloud technology makes your role easier by enabling collaboration with clients and improving service offerings. Amongst many other benefits, cloud technology allows an accountant to be connected to their clients 24/7. As a result, the accountant has an “always-on” view of client data. This can make tasks such as preparing quarterly or yearly returns much easier and saves a lot of time.


Add more functionality to your tax operations with
Lacerte tax software hosting

✔ Scalability:

You can add or remove resources to your cloud server as per your needs; our platforms are highly scalable to match up your business requirements. With plans specifically tailored for your applications, you can get most out of Lacerte tax software hosting.

✔ Team collaboration:

Achieve your objectives with innovative thinking on cloud with collaborated efforts; that gets you better output and results. Increased productivity with effective sharing of data, that helps in establishing teamwork among the team.

✔ High uptime:

Our platforms are highly available due to the more advanced system designing implementation for your Lacerte tax software hosting. Our advanced systems designs allow for systems to be patched and upgraded without compromising service availability which means the service will always be running and your data is available to you 24*7.

✔ Printing & scanning solutions:

With our Lacerte tax software hosting, print and scan your tax-related documents with Quick Cloud smart remote desktop printing and scanning solutions accelerated by TWAIN Compliant TS Scan and TSPrint. Enjoy universal printing and scanning for better business performance.

✔ Seamless integration for your add-ons:

Highly flexible platform that supports easy integration of your Drake tax software with add-ons like Document management, tax planner & analyzer, presentation products. This expands your software capability to achieve more productivity on our cloud servers.

✔ User management:

Dedicated servers allow you to manage the access of the users in your company that keeps your data secure; Not only that, specific controls are given to you on Quick cloud through that you can also manage the permissions for the users.

Performance and integration

Unique interface for faster data input and tax preparation Customizable columns so all clients can be seen at once Reliable multi user performance for uniform processing


Integrated e- Filing for supported business forms No separate E-Filing fees with expanded E-Filing E Organizer for easier collection of clients data

Performance and integration

Unique interface for faster data input and tax preparation Customizable columns so all clients can be seen at once Reliable multi user performance for uniform processing


Comprehensive form sets and deep, automated calculations Quick access from error screen to the input field for correction Fewer E-File and IRS rejections with extensive diagnostics


Transfer data between returns through K-1 transfer Split screen and dual monitor supported Import fixed assets through fixed assets import tool

Cloud accessibility

Built in security Automatic backups Automatic updates

Data Accessibility

Navigate easily with PDF Bookmarks Password protect client files Arrange data by clicking Column header

Join the cloud revolution now with
Lacerte cloud hosting

One of the top reasons for adopting new technology for your Lacerte tax software is not only to attract new clients, but also with other reasons stated as time and efficiency and improving service quality of service . Cloud technology can take your tax practice in a wholly different direction and provide unique benefits. The biggest benefit of technology is that it gives accountants access to information and helps them provide insight and advice to clients. Recent technological advances have brought, and continue to bring, specific and significant benefits to accountants that are redefining their work and even their purpose. It falls to the accountants to grasp these opportunities and to become a modern day super-accountant. Quick Cloud offers Lacerte cloud hosting on scalable platforms with multi user ability; accessible from anywhere, anytime from your favorite devices.


Our business continuity guidelines
for Lacerte Cloud Hosting


Quickly resuming the business functions in the event of a major disruption either by natural calamities or malicious attacks is known as business continuity practices. It is essential for a Lacerte tax cloud hosting provider to have a disaster recovery plan in place; cloud disaster recovery encapsulates the entire cloud server, which includes the operating system, applications, patches, and data into a single software bundle or virtual server. The virtual server is then copied or backed up to an offsite data center. As the cloud servers are independent of hardware, the operating system, applications, patches, and data can be migrated from one data center to another much faster for making your data available online again.

Preventive measures we follow:

✔ Encryption:

We use 256 bit SSL encryption to secure your data on the cloud, this encryption can only be decoded with a 256 bit key and it is one of the most secure encryption methods. In this technology, the same key is used for encrypting and decrypting; we use 256 bit as it is the strongest and most robust encryption standard followed today.

✔ Advanced firewall:

Our systems are deployed with an advanced firewall that filters and monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic of the cloud servers; it is also equipped with a windows defender that protects the perimeter from malicious and malware attacks.

✔ PCI Complaint:

PCI stands for Payment card industry data security standard, it ensures that the credit card information has to be process, stored in a secure environment. We follow PCI compliant measures for keeping your payment information safe and secure. This improves the security of your associated accounts.

✔ Enterprise grade protection:

To ensure that only the right people have access to your data, enterprise grade security solutions are installed including industry-best encryption to protect data at rest and in motion across applications, infrastructure and different endpoints. Timely security audits are followed establishing all the protection practices are in place.

✔ Robust backups:

Daily data backups on multiple layers; our efficient, reliable, and secure 256-bit SSD servers automatically keep the backups stored in different layers. You can always retrieve, access, and share your important data whenever necessary for your business.

Why choose Quick Cloud for your
Lacerte tax hosting?

  • Software update & upgrades
  • Real time tracking & monitoring of the server.
  • Load balancing tests
  • Implementing backups & data security protections
  • Resource optimization
  • Permissions & log verifications
  • Hardware management

There are many features & benefits associated with hosting your Lacerte tax software on Quick Cloud servers, which makes your tax practice easier, smooth and seamless. One of the important factors to consider here is that our hosting platforms are completely managed by our cloud specialists. Server management is the process of administering a server to ensure optimal and safe performance. The main objective is to keep the server and its associated systems in a desired, consistent state so the user can obtain the desired output. There are various administrative and maintenance tasks that have been performed by our cloud administrators on a daily basis, few of them are mentioned below.

Managing software’s:

✔ Keeping the software, firmware along with

windows operating system up to date with

the latest patch update.

✔ Checking software dependencies for different applications.

✔ Updates in Lacerte tax software.

Resource Utilization:

✔ Processor Usage

✔ Disk space

✔ Utilization of memory

✔ Page load time

✔ Server up time for higher availability

Server protection:

✔ Advanced firewall deployed

✔ SSL encryption

✔ Cybersecurity with enterprise grade protections

✔ Ensuring all compliances are followed

Backup & disaster recovery:

✔ Multiple backups on daily basis on different layers

✔ Automated & manual backups

✔ Testing & scanning of backups

✔ Verification of backup logs

Constant monitoring, optimization and analysis is necessary to manage servers. Management of the cloud servers is mandatory as this is crucial and essential and also has a direct impact on the performance of the server. We have server management tools for tracking and analysis of the processes. We have a reliable support team available 24*7 with great response timings. All these points make Quick Cloud servers ideal for Lacerte tax hosting services; that is why we have CPAs and businesses trusting us for such a long time.

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