Introduction of QuickBooks Accountant Hosting

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop hosting is the most convenient solution for accountants. It is a cost-effective, maintenance-free and a flexible solution for hosting QuickBooks and other desktop applications. Hosted accounting software saves you the cost and time needed to buy, configure, and maintain the hardware and software to run a software accounting system, hosted QuickBooks solution offers several other benefits as well like security, backup, high uptime, work freedom and so on.

With QuickBooks desktop hosting, accountants and their clients can enjoy their favorite desktop programs, without any hassles. From the perspective of the environment, QuickBooks desktop hosting helps accountants use resources efficiently and reduce the carbon footprint. Cloud hosting also promotes paperless accounting, which directly benefits the environment. In short, hosting of QuickBooks Accountant is a win-win for accountants and the environment.

Why choose us for QuickBooks Accountant hosting?

Quick Cloud hosting is a frontrunner in the QuickBooks hosting industry, our affordable plans and reliable services is what makes us the best QuickBooks cloud hosting provider for CPAs, accountants and Bookkeepers.
By hosting your QuickBooks on Quick cloud, you can give a new edge to your business with unlimited flexibility to perform your accounting operations from anywhere in the world. Dedicated IT team with a secure cloud infrastructure and multilevel backups is ideal for QuickBooks accountant hosting.

  • 99.99% UPTIME
    Your sole focus should be on increasing sales and increasing revenue, not worrying about whether your data is available or not. Our service ensures that your data stay up on our cloud servers at all times. If any of our servers experience a problem, you would be automatically rerouted to another one of our servers and be able to keep working without any impediments. The higher the uptime, the higher the sales.
    We are twice as secure as your regular Quickbooks cloud hosting service with our bank-grade encryption policy, making our servers practically impossible to decode. Our data centers are SSAE-18 certified and protected by firewalls. Your personal information is private, and our enterprise-grade network protection makes sure they stay that way.
    Providing you 24/7 around the clock technical assistance to resolve any issue you may have at any hour of the day. Our team is at the beck and call of our clients. You can call or email our team for any query you may have at any time. Our team, with all its expertise and sincerity, assures a benchmark in customer experience.
    Given our clientele, we understand that paying in advance can be a hindrance in the way of expanding your business, as utilizing revenue is of utmost priority to a growing business. Our pay-as-you-go model allows our clients the relief of not being burdened by costs, which helps keep their business booming.
    A single device holding all your company data? We help you keep any data you have or recover data you may have lost. Your data stays safe on our cloud servers at all times, with our multilevel backup system creating a safety net on three different levels. Our state-of-the-art manual and automatic tools ensure the security of your data.
    What’s more is that we offer a 7 days Free and if you are dissatisfied with our service for any reason whatsoever, you will be able to cancel it anytime. We try to give our customers the best possible hosting service in the market, and that includes customers who are not satisfied with said service. Our business is just like yours, so we understand your needs very well.
Get all the benefits for your business with best QuickBooks hosting provider in the industry

As your business grows and shifts, cloud computing gives you an edge with latest technology for your accounting activities and this can be the right time for your business to be on cloud. We provide custom servers based on the needs of your organization and that is why we are trusted by CPAs, accountants and other financial services.

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How do we ensure data security on cloud?

  • SSAE 18- certified datacenters
  • Advanced Firewall
  • Enterprise Grade network protection
  • Real time monitoring & tracking using security tools
  • 256 bit SSL encryption
  • PCI Complaint
Extremely Efficient Backup on Quick Cloud servers

As a QuickBooks hosting provider, keeping your data safe is our first priority. Let’s give you more details about how we keep your data safe online, we start with enterprise-grade protection for both virtual and physical servers, and follow up with bank-grade encryption policies which follow PCI Compliance standards over 256-bit Security Sockets Layer (SSL). The combination of this cutting-edge security technology and our reliable, seasoned experts working around the clock on the servers keeps threats away.

Our backup Methodology?

Our backup Methodology?

  • 60 days data backup policy
  • Daily data backup on multiple levels
  • Automated & Manual backup
  • Verifying backup logs from different time frames.
  • Testing backup copies
  • Ensuring business continuity with layered backups

Backup is the most integral part of being on a cloud server and we understand what does your QuickBooks data means to you, we start with a multi-level backup, which makes sure your data is kept safe with three different levels of security. Beginning with manual and automatic tools, the data is first made safe online with numerous security safeguards, after that our expert team test the backup copies and check verification logs to ensure that we have every bit of your data backed up.

Manage your company accounts efficiently with QuickBooks Hosting

You can easily manage all your customers and information at one place with our user friendly cloud hosting service; have access to data files and your accounting information anytime, anywhere and on any device; you can also be able to perform the other accounting tasks just as you can do outside the cloud like manage your bills and invoices; generating reports to help you make key financial decisions with the help of QuickBooks accountant hosting on cloud supported features like trial balance, income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Furthermore, you can also set roles & user permissions to give custom access to multiple users in the QuickBooks hosted environment. Therefore, cloud also allows you to share information and collaborate with your employees, partners and chartered accountants with more flexibility. Finally, you can make your employees’ pay day easy by managing multiple payroll transactions with seamless integration of third-party payroll apps which are easily compatible on our QuickBooks hosting platforms.
Higher accessibility with multi device compatibility

If you’re worried about the compatibility of our services with your array of devices, you can rest peacefully in the knowledge that we have you covered across the board. From desktop support for Windows and Mac, to support for a plethora of Android and iOS devices, you will never have to worry about device compatibility. Our platforms are highly compatible with latest technology and can never be affected with possible device updates or upgrades. Irrespective of your devices, our QuickBooks hosting platforms can be accessed from multiple devices from any location.

Multiuser collaboration to enhance teamwork

Multiple users can access their QuickBooks accountant data at the same time, this ability to work in the same file at the same time not only provides a better output, but also increases team effort and collaboration among the team. On Quick Cloud, you will have a seamless experience with accessing your QuickBooks server from different locations in synchronization with your team.

Dedicated IT expert team at your reach

Our technical support team is always at your reach and is just a call or email away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. They are dedicated to giving you the best QuickBooks hosting experience possible; taking care of any issue you may face regardless of your time zone or work hours. They can and will assist you with setting up, updates, upgrades, and even surveillance, eliminating the need for any external IT-related help.

Benefits of QuickBooks hosting in comparison to local QB
Hosted QuickBooks
Enterprise grade level security
Routine Multilevel backups
Multiuser Support
Access from anywhere
Multi device compatibility
Scalable as per your business needs
Reduced IT costs
Pay as you go model
Local QB
Basic/minimum protection
Backed up locally on single device
Individual sessions
Limited access
Only traditional devices supported
Fixed hardware resources
Local IT expenses
Fixed expenditure
Seamless integration for QuickBooks Integrated Add-ons on Quick Cloud

There are a lot of different tools, add-ons or third party programs that gets integrated with your QuickBooks in order to exchange data. These applications generally run in the background and automatically synchronizes the data at startup. These apps are not only supported on our platform but also works same as on your local computer, there are clients already using such sync tools on our servers, some of the most commonly used programs are
QBwebconnector, Expensify, bill.com, T sheets, Transaction pro, FishBowl
We have setup our platforms to allow these tools from the security and firewall for them to function, as that is necessary for the data exchange to take place. There are no differences in how this program works on or outside the cloud. So basically, quick cloud does support the complete functionality of this apps including transferring and exchange of the data.
Dedicated server maintenance team
What makes us different from other QuickBooks hosting providers?

Secure Datacenters & Cloud Infrastructure to ensure data security

Our datacenters and servers are strategically situated in multiple locations. As previously mentioned, our servers are located in 3 continents - North America, Europe, and Asia. Regions such as Arizona and Singapore are chosen due to their low risk of natural calamities as well as accessibility and quality network connectivity, which ensures there is no delay or downtime. Moreover, our use of multiple critical components in our server machines and fail safes, paired with geographical redundancy, provides multiple layers of dependable protection so the possibility of you being unable to access your data is near-zero. Accessibility is required for fluid access to workspaces and data repositories, so we use the high bandwidth to make sure that your info is not out of reach even in the most remote locations. In case of server issues which may have a negative effect on the user’s experience, your data is present on our other servers as well as a mirror server, so we have every possible hiccup covered.

Business Continuity Practices we follow

In the face of unexpected and unforeseen disasters, we have measures and guidelines set up to guarantee that your business processes remain smooth and functional. Our in-house experts continuously review, plan, and test protocols in simulations of both natural and man-made setbacks. Software and hardware firewalls are present at both our data centers and servers to prevent malicious and unwanted traffic. Furthermore, daily security audits are carried out by our highly trained staff to detect any vulnerabilities or weak points within the system and infrastructure. With our streamlined plan of action, you can rest assured that your financial data is in good hands.


Dedicated server maintenance team

We always assign dedicated technicians for the monitoring and real time tracking of your servers, this ensures that the server is optimized and there are ample amount of resources for the server to function your inputs faster and give you an ideal platform to perform your daily accounting tasks. They also maintain the server and take care of other daily maintenance tasks that ensure the smooth functionality of the QuickBooks cloud server. Connect consistently with your QuickBooks applications to keep your business moving along as expected with our hosted Quickbooks solution on Quick cloud servers. Versatility and adaptability to assist your association with developing and furthermore gives across the board answer for your bookkeeping and duty tasks. Get endeavor level security, backup and performance with committed QuickBooks hosting providers.

Dedicated server maintenance team
  • Daily software updates & upgrades
  • Utilization of resources for fast performance
  • Constant monitoring & scanning through security tools
  • Daily data backups & patch management
  • Verifying file & folder level permissions on the cloud

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