Sage 300 ERP Hosting

What is Sage 300 ERP hosting

Sage 300 ERP on the cloud is a nice perk for the business. It allows for more capabilities and room for growth. Sage cloud hosting provides a secure, flexible and scalable hosting environment for Sage 300 ERP. Sage 300 ERP cloud hosting offers a number of benefits to your business by providing a scalable and reliable hosting environment. Hosting your Sage 300 ERP on the cloud allows you to centralize your inventory, order, financial and operations processes in one single app.

The Sage 300 ERP cloud-based solution provides a unified virtual workspace for team collaboration and productivity, revolutionizing the way enterprise resource planning software is used. Security measures are in place on the centralized cloud platform to ensure that confidential information is protected from unwanted online threats.

Centralize and manage your accounting processes
with Sage 300 ERP hosting


By hosting your Sage 300 ERP on the cloud, you can reduce the complexities of running multi-entities. It gives you the ability to manage your inventory, operations, distribution from a single application on the cloud. You can grow your company and scale your business efficiently with automated finances. Sage 300 hosting in the cloud provides you with a user-friendly interface with a centralized database for your accounting activities. This whole system takes the complexity out of your business and increases teamwork among the employees for increased productivity. Our servers provide a centralized platform for accessing and managing financial information that helps you perform your daily tasks quickly and more efficiently. There are no limitations with geographical locations with your Sage 300 ERP on the cloud, and you will have access to your Sage 300 ERP regardless of your location or device.

Key features of Sage 300 ERP cloud hosting for
more efficiency and control

Anytime anywhere accessibility

Anywhere, anytime and any device access Critical support for geographically dispersed business Real-time data access and tracking.

Data backup

Data backed upon multiple layers Automated & manual backups Tested backup copies.

Data Security

Enterprise-grade protection Advanced firewall deployed 256-bit SSL encryption.

Improved performance

Resources optimization Dedicated maintenance team Real-time Monitoring


Customized Sage 300 ERP hosting on Quick Cloud for better performance

We are focused on delivering a platform that is secure and scalable as per your hosting needs. Quick Cloud offers many options that help you customize your Sage 300 ERP hosting to get the most out of your favourite accounting software. Hosting Sage 300 ERP on the cloud gives you all modules and functionalities that Sage requires to perform tasks that help manage your business. Our cloud ERP experts ensure that the servers are configured and optimized for best performance and assure that it gives you more productivity on the cloud than a local setup.

Effective data sharing with Sage 300 ERP hosting for increased productivity

Modern businesses require their data to be accessible constantly, no matter what. We ensure that our servers are always up and running so that your business information should be available to you whenever you want, irrespective of the device or location. We provide cutting-edge hardware and software that meet all the requirements and compliances for file sharing between users using the latest technology. It also gives you the option of modifying it further as per your specific needs. As a managed services provider, we maintain your Sage 300 ERP on the cloud, including updates/upgrades and other maintenance tasks.


Why choose Quick Cloud as your Sage 300 ERP
cloud hosting provider

✔ SSAE-18 certified data centers :

Our data centers are certified by the latest SSAE-18 technology to keep your data safe and secure, as data safety is our topmost priority. In the event of a failure of one of our resources, multiple solutions are available to switch over. The ability to be resilient is a must to become one of the leading Sage 300 hosting providers; that is why our architecture is robust and supports redundancy.

✔ Scalable:

With passing time, your business needs and requirements keep changing. There is a constant need to modify and upscale the resources on your server with this growth. Quick Cloud provides servers that can adapt to your growing business; regardless of whether you need disk space, RAM, or CPU, our team can set them up at any time for your server.

✔ Data Backup:

We know and understand the importance of your financial data. Our systems ensure your data is backed up on multiple layers through automated tools and manually. In the event of any accidental data deletion, our team will provide the latest backup copy. Not only that, our backup copies are tested and verified through backup logs.

✔ Multi User Cooperation:

Stay connected with the other users and share files for a progressive output; work in different modules simultaneously by collaborating with multiple users. Quick Cloud has all the benefits of a centralized database system. The more collaborative the users are, the more effective and efficient the system is. Employees can work on the same application in real-time.

✔ Affordable pricing:

Our prices are very competitive. Our Sage cloud hosting methods provide maximum savings as we follow a pay-as-you-go model policy where pricing stand on usage with no contracts or hidden charges. We offer a free trial of our services that helps you decide, so you can decide after taking a demo of the server.

✔ Hassle-free data migration:

With the expertise of our cloud technicians, data migration is through secure channels. Our data migration tools are SSL encrypted, making the data safe and secure during the migration. We ensure that the migration is hassle-free to give our clients a smooth transition to the cloud.

✔ Sage expert technicians:

Get quick resolution to your queries from our Sage expert technicians. We have an experienced and dedicated team with expertise in Sage hosting; whatever queries or concerns you may have on the cloud, rest assured it will be resolved as soon as possible by our technicians.

Real-time access to all the information with
Sage 300 ERP cloud hosting

Quick Cloud gives you access to all your critical information at your fingertips for more accessible, more innovative short- and long-term planning. This gives you visibility, intelligence, and access to essential data to make faster and more effective decisions important for your business. With Sage 300 cloud hosting, you get real-time access to your financial and operational reports, so you can spend more time focusing on analyzing and interpreting your information and less time pulling the data together. The ability to share your data files effectively from any location helps users effortlessly consolidate data from multiple companies, divisions, and databases without hassle. With Sage 300 ERP on the cloud, you will be able to identify the critical aspects of your business and make decisions that are important to your operations, management and compliance. You can give more power to your application with our Sage hosting solutions. Hosting Sage 300 ERP on the cloud lets you fetch a real-time view of a company's finances and operations by giving you access to your ERP database regardless of your location and device. Customizable cloud solutions let you create the right platform with adequate resources, which better suits your unique business needs.

Our Business continuity practices

Business continuity planning (BCP) is the process of creating a system of prevention and recovery from potential threats to a company. The plan ensures that the data and other assets are protected and can function quickly in a disaster or natural calamities. It is also required to ensure total availability and data integrity in a disruptive event. This is vital for your accounting process & business as you cannot afford to lose your critical data at any cost.

At Quick Cloud Hosting, we deploy Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC & DR) to ensure your data protection even in times of a disaster. We store your Sage 300 ERP software data in multiple geographic locations for swift data recovery.

  • Onsite & Offsite data backups
  • Planned maintenance
  • Ensuring high availability
  • Threat analysis & scanning
  • Enterprise grade data security
  • Resilient Cloud solutions

Hosted Sage 300 ERP solutions give effective
project management

  • Tracking and monitoring of projections and original actuals.
  • Easier management for contractors and subcontractors
  • Cost and revenue tracking to the finest possible details
  • Cost controlling solutions for your projects

With the help of this unique management program, you can add more excellent functionalities to marketing, sales, and customer service that are essential pillars of any organization. It lets you serve multiple businesses simultaneously by providing you with a centralized platform to monitor their financials, even though they have various branches across the world. With Sage 300 ERP hosting, business operation management is more manageable by combining finance, activities, sales, and service to maintain a high growth rate.

Sage 300 ERP hosting comparison with Sage
on local desktop

Hosting for Sage 300 ERP on the cloud gives a user many more advantages than working from a traditional desktop system; not only can you manage your business processes more effectively, but your staff and other departments remain in sync. With the real-time collaboration and customizable access permissions available at different levels, every department remains updated with the relevant information. Advanced security managers are deployed on the server to safeguard your data and give you access from any device or location.

Simultaneous access
Multi User collaboration
Customized access permissions
Anywhere accessibility
Support for multiple devices
Scalable resources
Enterprise grade security
Real time data sharing
Single user access
Non collaborated users
Traditional access
limited to a workstation or device
fixed devices
Non scalable
Basic protection
Non real time forwards
  • User can access the program at the same time
  • File/folder level permissions on different levels
  • Sync between employees to coordinate better
  • Access from any location at anytime
  • Android, iPad, or iPhone
  • Can be scaled as per business needs
  • Advanced protection tools in place
  • Share information fast & quickly

Why it is right time to move your Sage 300 ERP on the cloud

We all know that accountancy practices are evolving year by year, both in how they serve their clients and function as a business. As we have seen, accountants believe that traditional accountancy is insufficient for the coming decade. Technical skills have always been essential in the accounting profession due to the compliance nature of the services. As firms move up the continuum of value, new capabilities are required. It is impossible to know all of the skill requirements as they will continue to change with rapid advancements in technology. However, cloud technology is emerging as an all-in-one solution, and our Quick cloud platforms can provide the solution you are looking for to automate your daily tasks.

✔ Security:

Quick cloud ensures the utmost data security for the customers as we know the importance of your data.

✔ Seamless automation:

Get rid of manually entering all the data or other accounting activities by automation supported on Quick cloud servers.

✔ Scale your resources:

The ability to scale the resources gives an edge over your competitors whenever your business needs.

✔ Easy to set up:

With no hardware installation, the setup is hassle-free and migrating data with the help of experts makes it easier.

✔ Disaster recovery:

Our cloud offers multilayer backups with copies tested daily, plans and practices are in place to recover from disasters.

✔ Work-life balance:

Accessing your sage applications from anywhere/anytime makes it convenient for you to adjust and create balance in your life.

✔ Sharing of resources:

Effective resources and data sharing with other users on cloud increases teamwork among employees and productivity.

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