Quick Cloud Hosting FAQs

Working on cloud is same as you work on your local computer, the only differences are data backup, security, accessibility features you will get on a cloud server. We have a team of expert technicians to set you up on the server and to answer your queries.

You can choose the plan based on your business requirements, you can calculate the amount of storage, no of users and data you have and then go for a plan based on your requirements. We follow pay as you go model so you can always upgrade or change your plan as per your needs.

No, there is no contracts or hidden fees involved, you can discontinue our services at any point of time without any charge.

We have multilevel backup processes to back up the data on daily basis, not only we have automated tools to back up the data but we do have a maintenance team that run the backups manually to ensure that we have all the backup copies.

Our datacenters are located over multiple locations in USA, Europe, and Asia. This ensures that your data is always protected and accessible to you even in the event of major natural or industrial disasters at numerous regions of the globe.

We already make backup copies on daily basis on multiple levels. But Yes, if you want, you can keep a copy of your data files saved on your local computer as well outside the cloud.

Yes, we can set the permissions as per your instructions. The access for a particular client can be restricted/enabled or file/folder level permissions can be implemented. This will be discussed with you before setting up your server.

If the devices are connected to your local computer, they will automatically be going to show up on the cloud server, you can print as you do from your local computer, but if there is any assistance required with it, you can always call at our toll free 24*7 support line number.

Yes, the QuickBooks sync tools are supported on the cloud server. We have clients already using add ons on our servers. For example: QB web connector, expensify, bill.com. Fishbowl etc.

In case of service cancellation, all you have to do is to notify us through an email confirmation and we will close your account. Also, one of our expert technicians will migrate the data to your local computer and after a maximum of 30 days period it will be completely deleted from the cloud server.

We do not provide licenses for any applications on the cloud, we use your QuickBooks license to install and host QuickBooks on our servers. We provide you the maintained platforms, backups and security.

We only use SSL secured data migration tools that creates a secure interface between the local computer and the cloud for the data transfer to take place, this makes the whole data migration process safe and secure even before the data moves to the cloud.

Yes, that can be done. You will be able to transfer or move files from cloud to your local end and vice versa, and if required, we can send you the requested files or data through email in an encrypted link.

Yes, we provide dedicated servers as well; you can opt for dedicated QuickBooks cloud hosting plans if you are looking for more control and other admin privileges.

The primary contact will always be Quick Cloud expert & experienced technicians for quicker & faster resolution, if required; our support rep will contact Intuit in cases where Intuit database needs to come in play.

We provide SSD based data storage on our servers which is much faster & responsive than a non SSD based storage, also, as per our experience, SSD drives are more fault tolerant and provides smoother working experience.

Your data will be accessible to you from anywhere, anytime & from your favourite devices. You will not be geographically restrained as the only prerequisite to access our cloud is an active internet connection.

Our dedicated server maintenance team will perform all the updates & upgrades on a daily basis, also, other maintenance tasks will be carried out by our professionals without interrupting you work.

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