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Drake tax software hosting

Drake tax software is considered as one of the best professional tax preparation software in the market; there are reasons and many features for which the professionals prefer it. Drake on the cloud offers tools that help tax professionals to build their businesses and attract new clients. Due to its comprehensive product excellence and value, the professionals rely on it for their tax filing needs. It also permits you to enter your financial data intuitively and very quickly, help you manage your forms and you can process your tax return without any hassle. From keeping track of the returns to retrieving information from the files becomes an effortless process with Drake hosted tax software. Quick Cloud offers Drake cloud hosting that helps you automate and simplify the filings of your returns in a flexible environment.

Quick Cloud offers Drake hosted solutions for
anytime, anywhere accessibility

Drake tax software is a powerful tool with a lot of features to offer and includes many integrated applications as well portals. However, it gets more enhanced when moved to a cloud; Quick cloud is one of the experienced, reliable and secure Drake hosted solutions providers. Our cloud systems eliminate the location restrictions which mean users have access to their tax data real-time from any location and the best part is our solutions are device oriented and supports any PC, tablet, laptop or smart devices including iPad/iPhone. It also allows users to share their financial data for improved coordination. We also support other integrated applications associated with Drake tax software on our cloud to become a complete Drake hosted solutions provider.

  • Hosting for all the integrated applications:
  • Drake document manager
  • Organizers
  • Portals
  • Business Tools
  • Other integrated add-ons

With the ability of accessing your tax data from any location, you can share your work with your colleagues from any remote location that leads to better productivity and better team coordination. You can also enjoy other additional features like data security, backup, multi user accessibility, flexibility and scalability with our best in class Drake hosted servers. We aim for our servers to be almost 100 % up as we understand how important it is for you to always have access to your data and that is why our servers are up and running ensuring that.

Drake cloud hosting on Quick Cloud for more reliable tax practice


Drake cloud hosting on Quick Cloud for more reliable tax practice

Make your tax practice more reliable and secure by moving to Quick cloud platforms. We use the latest cloud technology to host your Drake tax; our servers are loaded with advanced tools and services that are specifically designed for tax professionals, CPAs and accountants. Prepare all kinds of tax returns including federal, state or business on Quick Cloud. Drake cloud hosting helps you track your expenses by calculating their forms, financial information and returns in real-time so you would not overspend and always be aware of your spending. Remote accessibility from anywhere adds to the functionality and provides you a work life balance. Our secure cloud infrastructure is designed to leverage cloud hosting benefits to the users with data security and daily backups, which makes it more reliable.

Data security is our topmost priority; your data is safe & secure with Drake tax hosting on Quick Cloud

Data security is our topmost priority; your data is safe & secure with Drake tax hosting on Quick Cloud

We know and understand the importance of your financial data and that is why it is of our utmost priority to ensure that your data remains secure in any scenario on our servers. There are lots of practices, tools and guidelines we follow on our Drake tax hosting systems to safeguard your financial information. As you know, Security and reliability are critical attributes for selecting a cloud hosting provider. With Quick Cloud, you get assurance knowing that your data is protected by enterprise grade security across all systems. Robust security measures have been taken on multi-layer platforms to ensure your data is protected.


Our security measures include:

  • 256 bit level encryption
  • SSAE-18 certified datacenters with SOC 1,2 ad 3 type-II
  • PCI Compliance
  • Windows firewall with advanced security
  • HIPPA and GDPR compliant
  • Enterprise grade protection software deployed
  • Constant real time monitoring & tracking for intrusions protection
  • Secure backups

All the above mentioned tools and practices give us confidence in hosting your Drake data as well gives certainty of being a top provider of secure Drake tax hosting. But we do not solely rely on tools or automation, our expert security team constantly keeps monitoring the servers in real-time; our servers are equipped with load balancing technology that automatically adjusts the load in case of high resource utilization on the server. The backup team keeps the backup copies in a secure offsite as well onsite location, backups are being done on a daily basis on multiple levels, and we provide a data backup up to 90 days. The backup copies are tested and saved automatically & manually by our experts.

Why it is the right time to choose Drake
tax hosting services?

The decisions accountants make today will define the future of your profession. As per the researches the accountancy profession is on the cusp of an evolutionary change. This change will propel the profession into the next decade—and beyond. The ongoing cloud technology revolution is contributing to this overall shift, with technologies like cloud computing becoming mainstream and artificial intelligence easing the administrative burden. Whether the focus lies on increased client expectations, new regulations, the ongoing digital revolution or a generational shift, we see evidence that a majority of professionals are actively and extensively examining not only what's being offered today to customers, but also the processes and structures behind running their practice. Many of the accountants & tax professionals have already started moving towards cloud based hosting as not only the technology used in the cloud is latest but they also get benefited with automation. Drake tax hosting services also increases security and the ability to share financial information in the real time.

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Benefits of Drake tax hosting services

✔ No IT overhead:

Get rid of complex hardware setups; server provisioning and worrying about storage spaces for your data backups, by moving your Drake tax to the cloud you can reduce your IT expenses as our cloud specialists will guide and provide assistance for your technical concerns. We have Drake experienced technicians to help you out and their availability is 24*7 *365 days.

✔ Pay as per usage:

We follow the pay as you go model which means to only pay for what you are using on the servers, you can save by paying only for the services you require as per your business needs. Gain more control by adding or removing users, resources, services anytime and this also adds to your savings with Drake tax hosting services.

✔ Multi User collaboration:

Now you can access, share, and work in Drake tax with concurrent access to multiple users, it improves coordination between users for higher output and enhanced productivity. This brings out collaborative efforts among employees and helps in getting assistance with their daily tax tasks.

✔ High uptime:

SSAE-18 certified data centers for higher availability on Quick Cloud platforms with Drake hosted tax services. The higher the uptime; higher is the revenue, we are committed to provide more than 99.99 % of uptime for giving instant access to your data to you anytime.

✔ Flexibility:

Hosting your Drake tax on cloud adds more flexibility to perform your tax activities; high device compatibility with access from any location helps you make faster business decisions. It also helps in tracking and analyzing financial information. Ability to access, share, and work on the same hosted application and business files simultaneously, irrespective of the location or the device you are using makes this an ideal setup for growing business.

Transform your processes and tax filing with robust Drake
tax software hosting on Quick Cloud

Accountants are at different stages of technology adoption. As technology advances and becomes more robust, what we see now as emerging technology will soon become the norm, and then accountants will be able to more clearly perceive the positive impact of cloud on their firm and their customers. Technical skills have always been important in the accounting profession due to the compliance nature of the services. As firms move up the continuum of value, new capabilities are required. The convergence of cloud technologies is resulting in exponential change for tax & accounting software’s. Drake tax software hosting brings a huge transformation into the traditional way of tax filing and processing returns. Hosted Drake tax software in real-time from any internet-connected device, even while being thousands of miles apart. Seamlessly access, edit, modify, and share company files within your group, which ultimately results in increased productivity.

Dedicated servers

Servers that are dedicated to your organization only which means all the resources are for your users, and gain more control as well with admin privileges.

Superfast SSD storage

Our servers are based on superfast SSD storage disk for a faster drake hosting experience, your data gets stored into SSD drives for a faster data fetching.

Centralized platforms

Now you can centralize your
important data at one place for easy collaboration among users and hassle free file sharing.

Affordable pricing

Competitive pricing for more savings with Quick Cloud servers, reduced IT cost with hassle free data migration.

Seamless Integration

Easy to integrate your entire Drake supporting tools, all features and add-ons supported on our cloud servers.

Printing & scanning solutions

Scan and print your tax documents from your local printers, our servers’ support universal printing and scanning.

More focus on your business with Managed servers
for Drake Tax software hosting


Your sole focus should be on your business and that is why our servers are completely managed by expert technicians, our team takes care of all the daily maintenance tasks to ensure your server is optimized for resource utilization as well as continuous monitoring and real time tracking is an integral part of cloud management. Securing your financial data with daily live tracking tasks; there are many such activities that need to be performed on a daily basis for obtaining the state of a high functional and efficient cloud hosting system. Quick Cloud is equipped with automation tools with the latest technology used for cloud optimization.

✔ Software updates/upgrades:

It is the responsibility of our dedicated maintenance team to perform any available updates or upgrades in your Drake tax software, new releases of windows will be installed as per upcoming future updates. Our team scheduled the updates so your work would not be interrupted and you can work in a hassle free managed environment.

✔ Monitoring raids:

A single disk failure can cause a complete system failure, there should always be multiple disks functioning to adjust the load on the server. That is why we have direct raid monitoring setup to get instant alerts on disk capacity, functionality and health.

✔ Server utilization:

Reviewing disk storage, CPU, RAM and other network resources on the server, resources can be added when required. Performance monitoring tool is deployed for alerts and notifications, log generation and verification is a daily practice followed by our cloud specialists.

✔ Backup verifications:

Verifying that the backup copies get saved at the proper locations in multilayers onsite & offsite. Also, our team performs both automated & manual backups as we understand the importance of your critical data.

✔ System security:

Regular security audits to analyze and eliminate potential security risks on the cloud. Spotting issues before they can impact our servers is the aim for our security team, with the deployment of advanced and right enterprise level protection tools; your information is safe and secure.

With this checklist, you should have a better understanding of routine server maintenance tasks that our team handles on our managed servers. These activities are crucial as regular maintenance ensures that minor server issues don’t escalate into a disastrous system failure. Many server failures occur as a result of preventable situations due to poor planning. Being a PCI and HIPPA complaint Drake tax software hosting provider, It becomes very essential for us to deliver the top notch hosting service followed by all the required compliance parameters that ensures the safety and security of your information on the cloud.

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