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Sage 50 hosting

Sage 50 is one of the leading accounting software used by many accounting professionals worldwide. Sage 50 hosting offers a complete accounting solution to many small and medium-sized businesses. It gets much more manageable with hosted Sage 50 to manage your accounts, vendors, jobs and inventories. Not only you can access your favourite accounting program from anywhere along with your team, but your data is also safeguarded with advanced technology on our Quick Cloud server.

Enhanced productivity on cloud with Sage 50 Hosting

  • Get instant access to real time customer data.
  • Simultaneous access to your Sage Company files.
  • Increased team collaboration
  • Flexibility of remote access
  • Smooth Integration with Sage5o add-ons on cloud.
  • Improved operational efficiency with on demand scalability.

Sage 50 hosting makes bookkeeping and accounting significantly simpler for accounting firms, CPAs, accountants, and small or medium-sized businesses. Sage 50 Hosted on our Quick cloud servers allows the CPAs and the bookkeepers and their staff, clients, and sellers to collaborate more with one another for a smooth workflow. It guarantees that each division is updated with the data essential to help them with their decision-making process. In addition, be it work area, PC, tablet, or cell phone, clients can work at whatever point and place they need. Besides giving simplicity of coordinated effort, changing to Sage 50, cloud accounting on cloud offers helps smooth out your essential business tasks like portable access, payment processing, and many other day-to-day activities in your Sage. This results in higher efficiency and productivity of your team, and it also helps you attain your organizational goals.

Hosting for Sage 50 on our dedicated servers

Our dedicated servers are best suited for hosting your Sage as they provide you with more value and control on your daily operations in the cloud. The Quick Cloud expert team will still manage the servers, but it gives you more flexibility to add programs, perform installations, or make other cloud changes. Moreover, the server will be dedicated for your organization only, giving users more efficiency and output for their daily accounting operations.

Benefits of working on a dedicated server
All the resources for your Organization

With our dedicated plan, all the resources on the server will be explicit to you and consumed only by your organization's users with all the resources at your disposal, experience high performing CPU for optimized performance.

Safety and Security

We are twice as secure as your regular QuickBooks cloud hosting service with our bank-grade encryption policy, making our servers practically impossible to decode. Our datacenters are SSAE-18 certified and protected by firewalls. Your personal information is private, and our enterprise-grade network protection makes sure they stay that way.

Administrative rights on the Server

You will be an authorized user to make any server changes, including downloading, installing, and performing any other server-related tasks. This will also allow you to install updates or upgrades your program on the server. There are many actions you will act without consultation from technical support.

Customized Server

Quick Cloud provides you with the flexibility to customize the configuration of your dedicated server depending on your CPU, RAM, disk space, and application needs. You will also be eligible for discounted plans specially tailored for you.

You can focus on your business while we care for your technical needs. Our servers are designed to provide easy accessibility to your Sage accounting. Our services are uninterrupted due to secure IT infrastructure that makes you more flexible and agile with your operations on our cloud platforms for more collaborated effort and productivity.

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Increased Sales revenue with high data availability

The higher the uptime, the higher the sales. You can focus on increasing sales and revenue, not worrying about the availability of your data. We ensure that your data is up all the time on our platforms. We can reroute you to one of our other functional servers in case of any issue. We prioritise making your data available to you all the time, ensuring your work would not be interrupted in any way.

  • 99.99 % uptime : We aim to keep the 100 % availability, but as we know, it is not practical and possible in a server environment, but it gets us to 99.99 % server availability, which means the server will always be up and running.
  • Access from your favorite devices: You can access your data files anytime from your favourite devices, whether your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android devices. This also gives you the flexibility to work remotely from any location.
  • Redundancy: Our servers are Robust and functional in a load-balancing environment that is ideal for giving optimal performance to our end users and helps servers adjust when the server demands high resources.

With Sage 50 hosting on Quick Cloud, you will have access to all the features of Sage as our platforms are designed to be highly compatible and also offers integration for add-ons and other third-party sync tools. Our experience working with Sage on the cloud makes us one of the leading players in the industry. When it comes to hosting accounting and tax applications, Quick Cloud stands out with our top-notch service on our secure interfaces.

Benefits of working with Sage 50 hosted on the cloud

Many factors improve the performance of the Sage on the cloud. Cloud adds value to the Sage for accountants and lays a foundation for small and medium businesses to be more effective. Let’s look at a few of these factors:

Managed Servers:

With already maintained servers, you do not have to worry about the technical aspects of the program like performance, security, backups as it will be taken care of by a dedicated expert team of engineers. Ensuring that the application is up-to-date and data is secure and backed up properly are our responsibilities. It is one of the things that makes us the best Sage 50 hosting provider. We let you focus on your business by handling all the maintenance tasks and services that run in the background. Our team also constantly monitors the resources and scales or degrade them as per your requirements on that particular server.

  • Server Maintenance
  • Resource utilization for optimized performance
  • Monitoring & real time tracking
Secure Infrastructure:

Security is necessary for any application working on the cloud. Sage is no exception. The threats are real, and cybersecurity has to be at its best to counter them and keep the infrastructure secure. The advanced securities deployed on the cloud protect the data and make the users' environment reliable. The enterprise-grade securities automatically scan track, and eliminate malicious programs. In the second part, our security team filters and verifies the logs to obtain more information that helps us safeguard your data.

  • SSAE-18 certified datacenters
  • Enterprise grade network protection
  • 256 bit bank grade SSL
  • PCI Compliance
Securing your backup copies :

The backup is taken daily on different levels for any cloud service provider. What we do other here is our team backs up your data using both automated software capable of generating backup copies on its own. We have a manual method wherein one of our assigned techs will ensure that the copies are generated successfully and verify the backup logs for any missing entries. This way we are confident that we have all your data backed up properly and systematically.

  • 60 days data backup
  • Automation backup tools
  • Secure backup copies at multiple locations

What makes us the best Sage 50 hosting provider

Reduced IT cost:

IT support is an essential aspect of any organization. It acts as predefined support for the users in case of any technical issues or queries. However, it requires a specific setup, and many costs go behind it. With Quick cloud, you can rely on us for your IT needs. Our expert technicians will help you in case of your technical needs on the cloud; you can save that extra cost that goes into your IT.

Pay-as-you-go model:

Pay-as-you-go model allows you to pay only for what you are using. Your billing can be adjusted anytime, whether you add resources for your expanding needs or cut off resources during the non-busy season. This model provides more flexibility to the users in making critical decisions that meet their business requirements.

Competitive pricing:

Our charges are competitively priced; our customers should pay fair pricing based on the market value of similar service providers. We offer plenty of benefits at our nominally charged annual prices. Also, we can provide you with customized discounted plans to suit your organization needs.

Anywhere, Anytime access:

Our servers are accessible from any location in the world. You can get hold of your Sage data online through our redundant platforms whenever you want. This is one pre requisites for becoming the best sage 50 hosting providers we deliver.


Your business is growing, and worried about the resources. Our dedicated IT team ensures enough resources on the cloud to match up with your business needs, whether it is to upgrade or degrade the resources on your server, our team tracks and monitors the assets on the server to get you an optimized performance.

Hassle-free data migration & setup:

We have been in this business for long enough to ensure a smooth transition; our team ensures that your data smoothly moves to the cloud. They will help you set up the hosted sage on your workstations; moreover, our data migration & setup services are free.

Free 24/7 Support:

Our dedicated expert IT team is committed to providing a fantastic customer service experience with a fast response to your queries. The best part is that they are available 24x7x365 for your assistance.

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