ATX Hosting

What is ATX tax software hosting?

ATX tax software hosting is gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional bookkeeping and software, which has long been a mainstay in the tax world. ATX tax software with hosting, the software itself is accessed over a network as a service rather than being installed on a specific piece of hardware. It's a way of offering the same software without all of the hassle that comes with it in terms of updates and maintenance.

ATX tax software hosting makes it very easy to use for a user to access from any device with an internet connection. Being hosted on a server, you don't have to worry about the technical set up and maintenance of the accounting software. Quick Cloud hosting offers hosting for ATX Tax Software on fast paced cloud servers.

Benefits of ATX Hosting with Quick Cloud

Software Maintenance

At Quick Cloud, we have our team to take care of application update and any issues that program referring to. As the application maintenance is the very critical part of your business continuty and performance, so our team is resposible to check application update and to perform them, if there is any.

IT Saving

Our solutions are agile to accommodate the ever-changing needs of our clients. We have a group of IT professionals who give you 24/7 support. Our work is distinguished by being user-friendly, scalable and cost-effective, making your technology work for you.

Advanced Backup System

Quick Cloud Hosting helps you and your team of CPAs, Tax Professionals, and Accountants to use ATX tax software on a unified platform as well as backed by Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions. We provide each our backup and backup in on and off site with manual and automatic method.

Data Security

Cloud servers need to be totally checked and secure, which is the reason why the safe and sound information zones are made in Quick Cloud Hosting. These areas are considered to have the maximum possible level of state of the art security and go about as a "sphere" to deal with a majority of the issues, which might happen in standard circumstances.
moving to atx cloud hosting solutions
Why more tax professionals are moving to ATX cloud hosting solutions?

The accounting industry is in a state of flux but everyone seems to be on board with the changes they need to make within their business to be able to continue meeting the demands of their customers. This is exciting and it inspires confidence that those in your industry are doing exactly what they need to do in order to stay relevant, keep pace with market trends, and meet client expectations effectively. To keep with the pace, ATX cloud hosting solution becomes a key for many tax professionals with the direct benefits it brings to help grow your businesses. Not only that, but Cloud-hosted ATX tax software allows you to work alongside your team and clients from remote locations. Because cloud hosting is enabled it adds value to your tax operation in multiple ways. Your team can update their tax files and forms from the same cloud platform simultaneously, saving them the hassles of sharing the sensitive data over other media and multiple data entry - everyone works together on the same platform!

Benefits that comes with ATX Tax software hosting:

ATX cloud hosting will empower you to collaborate and work with the same application at maximum speed and efficiency. ATX on cloud is an innovative solution, given that it enables to use your traditional desktop version on our platform with added perks like remote accessibility, performance, scalability and security at competitive per month costs or per user pricing.

Super-fast servers housed in Quick Cloud Hosting with solid-state drives are able to make it possible to file your taxes quickly and easily, so you can rest assured that your business finances will be all set in no time. Additionally, multi-user collaboration enables users such as your clients, tax preparers and CPAs to all work together on the same system without having to worry about sharing files on different mediums.

CPAs, accountants, and tax preparers can now have anytime-anywhere access to their project data hosted on the same cloud platform. With a centralized cloud storage infrastructure for all your applications, you're able to help your clients view and update project details from anywhere using a remote connection. All of this is made possible with real-time communication between your software applications and shared data files with ATX tax software hosting solutions.

Quick Cloud Hosting helps you and your team of CPAs, tax professionals, and accountants to use ATX tax software on a unified platform as well as backed by Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions. With more processing power that can be sustained and efficiency in workload, Quick Cloud Hosting gives you your users a better tax filing experience!

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