What is QuickBooks Point of Sale Hosting?

The QuickBooks POS solution provides companies with the flexibility to manage sales and inventory, create invoices, process credit card payments, track employee time, manage loyalty programs, and accept contactless payments. QuickBooks Point of sale software is specially designed to replace the retailer's cash register and provide reports for managing the business and serving customers. Cloud hosting keeps various parties on the same page, even when the sales setup is located physically far from the inventory or operations department.

Cloud hosting maintains an automated update of the situation to ensure that the stock or operations department and the sales department are on the same page in cases where there's a physical distance between them. The easy-to-use features, powerful functionalities with secure infrastructure of Quick Cloud make the cost of this program worth it in the end. With QuickBooks Point of Sale hosting you get work freedom from anywhere with any device with a stable internet connection.

Benefits of QuickBooks Point of Sale Hosting


Realtime Sync


Team Collaboration

High Uptime

High Uptime

Connected Stores

Connected Stores

QuickBooks POS Hosting with Quick Cloud

Your business will grow more efficiently with Quick Cloud Hosting and QuickBooks POS. Our services are perfect in every way - speed, performance, security, and availability. We also have a team of experts available around the clock at your service. More than words, we want our services to speak for themselves. Our cloud solutions are capable of hosting any desktop application. For a hosted QuickBooks POS desktop with app-integration support, QUICK is all your team needs. No matter what accounting software you use or what third-party payment application you use, hosting on Quick Cloud servers will simplify and optimize the integration for each department and centralize the business information for you, all without affecting performance. Connect all your retail stores on a cloud network to share sales and inventory data between them in an easy and hassle-free manner with QuickBooks POS.

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Why Choose QuickBooks POS with Cloud Hosting?

Multiple sales stores are linked over the internet with this software due to the cloud hosting of the QuickBooks software.

Moreover, updates are automatic and are applied to all the systems across all the stores simultaneously. All the data regarding inventory, sales, purchases, and the like remains as accurate as possible.

QuickBooks POS hosting enables payments to be processed faster and more securely. For example, every transaction involving credit cards is protected by end-to-end encryption, an advanced security method.

Cloud hosting implies that automatic backups will be performed to maintain a copy of your data to prevent any issues related to data loss and theft. This is a crucial aspect of hosting that benefits all businesses, not just retail ones.

Cloud hosting is highly compatible with many devices like computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. As long as you have a stable data connection, you can access your data anytime and anywhere from compatible devices.

You will retain your multi-store customers if you choose POS hosted over the cloud. It will make your tasks easier and more efficient to accomplish and enhance your ability to serve customers to a great extent. These benefits are numerous, each more helpful than the last, and are bound to boost sales and performance.

QuickBooks POS Hosting-More collaboration and Resltime sync

QuickBooks POS Hosting for more collaboration

Business operators can also accept credit card transactions via smartphones, iPad, iPhones, Droids, and Blackberries in QuickBooks POS hosting. It is natively mobile now, enabling shopkeepers and retailers to operate their businesses wherever they are. In addition to freeing businesses from IT, moving POS to QuickBooks cloud hosting provides 24/7 access to their critical sales data from anywhere, regardless of time or location, and integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, even with multiple locations connected. QuickBooks POS hosting integrates with QuickBooks and allows users to perform several tasks such as credit card processing, syncing, updating the books, and more. The POS edition for retail stores saves countless hours and decreases errors.

Why QuickBooks POS with Quick Cloud Hosting?

High Availability

Our servers are highly available so that your business will always be up and running, and we are partnered with SSAE-18 certified datacenters for uninterrupted network service.

Access from anywhere

Make your accessibility easier with Quick Cloud. As long as you have a stable Internet connection, you can log in to the remote server worldwide without any location limitations.

24/7 Free Technical Support

A dedicated expert team is always at your disposal for assistance. You can get support via call, email, and live chat at any time. Once a ticket is generated, our team follows up instantly to assist you.

Enterprise Grade Protection

Our servers are equipped with Enterprise-grade securities that constantly monitor your server to ensure optimized performance to eliminate cyber threats. Real-time tracking is an essential part of our monitoring suite.

Ease of Sharing

Increase productivity and collaboration with shared resources on the cloud. A better-collaborated team brings out more efficiency and results for your business. This also helps you get the latest reports by real-time data sharing.

Managed servers

Our dedicated technical support team manages your server. Our team takes server maintenance, including all updates and upgrades. This gives you more time to focus on your business; meanwhile, we take care of your server.

Works just like your local desktop

Now get your familiar local desktop on the cloud with a simple interface and no complexities to figure out. Get the same look and feel as your local computer that gives a more user-friendly environment.

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