Sage Hosting

A Brief introduction of Sage Hosting

It is proud to be one of the host companies that provide quality Sage hosting service to many small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises. With Sage cloud hosting, accounting professionals can work faster, manage finances more effectively and increase productivity of their teams through easy to use business solutions which are designed specifically to fit their needs. Sage provides a suite of software solutions which include Sage Accounting, Sage Payroll, Sage Inventory.

Sage Hosting is an end-to-end platform of IT management, project management, and cloud computing services that help businesses centralise their IT infrastructure and eliminate the need for physical servers. If your company is looking for a reliable and affordable hosting for Sage application all of its online needs, there is a solution right here: Quick Cloud Hosting. This reliable hosting is one of the most commonly used hosting company. Its affordable pricing range, excellent customer service, backups, and security system are what every business should look into.

Transfer your applications to the secured Quick cloud for Sage application hosting services and obtain the liberty to access your clients’ data from anyplace within the world. Quick Cloud Hosting offers advanced, scalable, and customized Sage Hosting Solutions which will meet the necessities of various business operations, like construction, accounting, and others. We tend to deliver SLA warranted 99.99% uptime so your business will always be running.

Our Sage Cloud Hosting Services include

Sage 50

    Manage all your remotely located business resources with Sage 50 software on the Quick cloud servers for better control. Quick Cloud is not limited to locations so you can have access of your data anytime from anywhere.
Sage 100 ERP

    Work with Sage 100 ERP software in a hassle-free manner from anywhere, anytime with the superfast SSD-based servers maintained by our dedicated server maintenance team to get increased productivity and flexibility.
Sage 300 ERP

    Secure and remote access to Sage 300 ERP that adds to the business productivity and management and also in team collaboration. Increased team collaboration brings better results for your business in a customized Sage cloud hosting environment.
Sage 500 ERP

    Collaborate with staff and clients from any remote location and make most of Sage 500 ERP software that helps in managing and streamlining your accounting business.
Sage CRM

    Sage cloud hosting gives you a centralized platform that provides one of the best ever customer experience to the clients wherever and whenever with hosted Sage CRM on Quick Cloud to manage projects and people swiftly.

Integrated add-ons supported for Sage applications

Quick Cloud servers are completely compatible with Sage integrated add-ons and tools including CRM, accounting software and other business apps with Sage ERP solutions that helps in carrying out your day to day accounting operations smoothly. To bring you the smooth integration of different software with Sage applications on Quick cloud, we give the flexibility with the cloud server resources. You can customize the hosting resources as per your integration requirements.

  • Sage Hosted add-ons increase the efficiency of your team & business through collaboration
  • Gives users a complete solution to your accounting tasks & processes.
  • Additional security for Sage add-on tools by using multiple layers of security methods.
  • Effortless sharing of reports and real-time data with your clients through synchronization add-ons.
  • Get various functionalities added to your Sage applications through integration on cloud server.
Integrated add-ons of sage hosting

Sage application hosting on dedicated servers

Dedicated resources at your disposal:

With dedicated hosting for Sage applications, all the resources are dedicated for your organization only. Your business gets to utilize the full resources of your server – your experience won’t suffer due to having to share resources like bandwidth or memory. You’ll also enjoy more stability, better reliability, enhanced flexibility and top-quality security.

Enhanced security and performance:

A dedicated server also improves the security & performance as well. We take data security seriously – with the best data encryption technology on the market and have incorporated network segmentation into our multi-level security plan. You’ll not only experience top Sage application hosting but also faster performance and enhanced data security – you’ll also enjoy remote access, complete server customization options and 24/7 support for a low per user cost.

More control and rights:

Now gain more administrative rights to perform certain tasks on the server, if you want, you will be able to completely manage and customize your server as per your needs with our Sage application hosting solutions. We offer both managed and unmanaged servers, our server maintenance team will perform all the maintenance tasks and you will still have the complete control of your server.

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