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What is Sage 100 ERP hosting

Sage 100 cloud ERP is your preferred accounting solution to your growing business needs. Hosting your Sage 100 ERP on the cloud gives you more control and let you manage the framework of your accounts efficiently. The software gives you the power to control your business finances, streamline your workflow and manage all your accounting-related activities from cloud hosting. The Sage 100 cloud ERP is a preferred accounting software for most businesses.

Although cloud technology already exists in many forms including online drives, document management systems, Sage 100 users are also rapidly adopting the cloud to simplify their business processes due to the ease of use. The cloud is an excellent platform for synchronizing multiple software programs for the purposes of greater productivity. It's secure, robust, and can solve many problems at the same time.

Increased revenue with Sage 100 ERP cloud
hosting on Quick Cloud


Sage 100 cloud ERP is your preferred accounting solution to your growing business needs. Hosting your Sage 100 ERP on the cloud gives you more control and let you manage the framework of your accounts efficiently. Sage 100 ERP is a customizable solution for businesses that want to leverage the cloud's benefit. Sage 100 cloud hosting offers a broad range of modules; these modules combined build a system based on ERP that is optimized and tailored to your business. Regardless of the platform, it can meet your business requirements as it provides a solution with robust features and functionality. Sage in the cloud keeps your business synchronized and provides flexibility to users as they can work from remote locations.

Hosting for all the modules of Sage 100 Cloud ERP solutions

  • Accounting & finance
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Ecommerce
  • Customer relationship management
  • Business intelligence and integration tools
  • Project management

Simplify your financials by moving your Sage in the cloud. No other business management software combines the depth, functionality, and ease of use that Sage 100 ERP offers. Sage 100 cloud ERP offers a series of modules that can lead your company to increased efficiency and profitability.


Improved tracking and communication with customers through Sage 100 ERP hosting

Deal with your business assets effectively with our best-in-class Sage 100 cloud environment designed to increase productivity and enhance functionality, accessible from any location, with the added benefit of seamless team collaboration and sharing of data. Sage 100 Cloud Hosted applications come with exceptionally versatile assets and best in class servers, followed by the pay-as-you-go model. We stand top notch with regards to Sage 100 hosting on the cloud. Our servers are designed to deliver industry-leading, benchmarked performance for fast, reliable data output and optimized for Sage cloud. This dynamic solution provides a fast, reliable cloud experience for sage users.

Effective resource management on Quick cloud servers with our Sage 100 ERP hosting services

You can now manage all your business processes through a centralized location with our Sage 100 hosting services, which allows you to spend less time processing and more time for your business growth. Quick Cloud servers give you improved security in a protective environment, eliminating any risk to keep your data safe and secure. Our platforms also support integrated workflows along with other automated add-ons. Our platforms are flexible enough to match the changing needs of your business. You can add or remove resources anytime as per your growing business needs. Sage 100 ERP hosting services help you optimize your business with better and collaborated team efforts to increase efficiency and profitability. It gives you a complete solution for managing your resources and allows your employees to be more productive.


Sage hosted solutions on Quick Cloud for better security and compliance

Our hosted Sage 100 ERP solution comes loaded with a wide range of tools, features, and benefits with the same interface as the desktop version of the application. With highly scalable resources and state-of-the-art servers followed by a pay-per-use policy, we stand second to none when it comes to hosting Sage 100 ERP on the cloud. Our expert team helps you host Sage 100 ERP applications according to your specific requirements. From arranging your cloud environment to introducing your Sage ERP program to the server for data migration, we attempt to deal with everything for you. Other than that, if you need to roll out any improvements with the arrangement, you can contact our Sage cloud specialists. We ensure all-around security of your data, so you can stop worrying about data security, invest more energy in your core activities, and make powerful business development.

Sage 100 ERP cloud hosting benefits on Quick Cloud servers:

Increased Security

256 Bit SSL encryption

SSAE-18 certified datacenters

Multi layered security

Advanced Firewall

Daily data Backup

Routine multilevel backup

Secure backup copies

Automated & manual backups

Tested copies


Anywhere, anytime access

Scalable to your needs

Remote access

Multi devices supported

IT savings

Reduced IT cost

Improved operational efficiency

Pay as you go model

Affordable pricing

Maintained servers

Dedicated Server maintenance team

Resource utilization for optimized performance

Real-time tracking & analysis

Constant monitoring

Top notch technical support

Hassle free data migration

Smooth transition with our experts

Unlimited free tech support

24x7x365 days

Why Quick Cloud is one of the Reliable Sage 100 ERP hosting providers

High Uptime:

Our best in class, SSAE-16 Type II evaluated servers followed by a superb organization network guarantee that your sage hosted applications are constantly going. Access your business information, work in a joint effort with your partners and customers, and continuously offer information from any area without breaking a sweat. Cross-gadget similarity, multi-client access, add-on joining, and ideal information security are a portion of our Sage 100 ERP Hosting excellent administration components, which aggregately help inspire group proficiency, execution, and efficiency.

Data backup:

As a leading Sage hosting provider, we ensure your data is completely backed up daily on multiple levels, not only through automated backup tools we rely on manual backups. Our top-class servers naturally backup your information consistently. Additionally, we have demonstrated information arrangements that guarantee the accessibility of the data even in the most pessimistic scenario situations like a cataclysmic event or deletion of the data. Our servers are tested for the best business continuity practices; even in the worst-case cases, your business will not impact.

Data Security:

We understand how important your financial data is, and that’s why protecting it is our uppermost priority. End-to-end data encryption backed by multi-level authentication on our SSAE-18 certified datacenters, the latest antivirus and firewalls provide complete data security from any threats. With our safe sage remote access login, your precious information is always secure. Real-time tracking of sage in the cloud is one of the best practices we have in place using our advanced enterprise-grade monitoring tools to evaluate and eliminate any possible threats.

We are dedicated to accountants and bookkeepers
for Sage 100 ERP hosting

Now grow your accounting practice and strengthen your relationships with clients by tapping into the Quick Cloud hosting. Network for hosting your Sage applications, where you'll find best-of-breed solutions for your business, the latest technology, and dedicated cloud experts helping you make the most of the cloud.
Our other Sage hosting solutions are:

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Support for Sage 100 ERP add-ons on Quick Cloud server

Sage 100 payroll service

Now prepare payroll easily at low cost and less time on lightning-fast Quick cloud servers.

Automation for Sage AP

Get more flexibility with cloud for your automated processes and run your business with more freedom and efficiency.

Sage Intelligence

Know more about your clients in detail to get more accurate picture and reduce data overload with Sage intelligence on cloud.

Operation management

Added functionality for your daily operations in Sage including estimating, inventory and scheduling.

Sage CRM

Customer management software that finds and track new customers to build more relationships.

Sage Inventory Advisor

Get real time inventory details by connecting real-time with Sage 100 on our affordable cloud solutions.

Stay Collaborated with your team for enhanced productivity by moving your Sage in the cloud

By moving your Sage 100 ERP on our super-effective cloud, you will get the supreme opportunity to get to your favourite programming and business records from anyplace whenever you want. To be more explicit, by changing to our creative Sage 100 ERP hosting administrations equipped with the latest technologies, you can flawlessly deal with a wide range of business and accounting tasks along with overseeing bookkeeping payables. Smooth exchange of data files with anytime accessibility from any devices gives an edge to your employees in the accounting world. Processing payrolls never is this easy with Sage automation on the cloud. Quick Cloud hosting has expertise in deploying all the Sage 100 add-ons hosting tools, which gives you more control over all the departments in Sage. Cloud-hosted Sage 100 ERP allows you to pick customized servers according to your necessities to maintain your business tasks successfully. Along with that, our ERP solutions allow easy integration with popular desktop productivity tools that can streamline real-time automation, simplify processes, and boost efficiency for your accounting operations.

Benefits of working on a dedicated server
Multi device supported:

One of the best things with Quick Cloud servers is that you are not limited to a particular device as our platforms are supported by multiple devices, including Windows, Android, iPhone and iPads. Access the cloud through your favourite devices on the go and from any location. This gives you a perfect work-life balance and generates more output.

Not limited to location:

Sage 100 ERP in the cloud to access your data from any part of the world. The only prerequisite to access our cloud platforms is internet connectivity. You do not have to be dependent on traditional desktops access. Stay connected with your accounting operations even from remote areas.

Sharing of data files:

Share your data files and other accounting information with your colleague’s effortlessly in a secure cloud environment. Quick access to your accounting information at your tips, given that the data is stored on the cloud servers, authorized users have the flexibility to collaborate and share information in real-time.

Savings with Sage 100 ERP cloud hosting on Quick Cloud

Instead of managing your own in-house server, you can rely on our cloud experts and focus on running your business. Quick Cloud is your Sage 100 hosting solution for productive and secure accounting tasks. Working locally by setting up your server can be a hassle and often requires a lot of technical help, which results in decreased efficiency and low output. We aim for our platforms to be reliable, secure, and efficient to add core values to your business. That is why our clients trust us for so long as we apply continuous efforts to increase performance.

Reduced IT cost:
Once you onboard to our cloud systems, handling your technical requirements are our responsibility. Sage cloud experienced technicians are always available to take care of IT needs; this will not only save you the cost of having your own IT team working on your end. But it has other benefits, too, like no hardware setup, accessibility, supported devices. Use your savings to grow your business on our hassle-free sage cloud platforms. There are no charges for setup, data migration or installation. Our experts will guide you through the process and will ensure a seamless and smooth transition to cloud.

Server Maintenance:
We offer managed Sage hosting services which means, we will completely manage the servers; our team follows daily tasks to keep your server updated and well optimized for an optimal performance. Their daily maintenance activities include below and all these mentioned activities are performed on a daily basis to ensure we deliver an efficient working environment to our Sage hosted clients. For a functional and highly delivering cloud environment, it is a must for Sage 100 hosting providers to maintain the servers with top notch and latest technology.

Pay-as-you-go model:
Pay-as-you-go model allows users to pay only for what they are using or utilizing. You can always add or remove resources or users on the cloud server. This is different from your traditional IT model, where you have to pay upfront for the hardware and software setup costs; instead, this model gives you the flexibility to pay as per your usage. This also adds to your savings that you will be benefitted on our Quick Cloud servers. With no long-term contracts involved, you can pay month to month until you utilize the resources; no hidden charges are applied.

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