UltraTax CS Software Hosting

Thomson Reuters UltraTax CS professional tax software is one of the leading tax preparation software. There are inbuilt time-saving tools that save a user time through automation. It makes multiple state returns accessible to you, including individual, partnership, estate, and trusts. Seamless integration with other solutions gives you customized tax software that helps you fulfil all your tax needs through manual processing, advanced data sharing, and paperless processing. This gets more diversified with cloud solutions for UltraTax hosting; the latest cloud technology on our Quick cloud platforms provides an end-to-end solution for smooth tax filing by eliminating time-consuming tasks. You can file returns faster with more accuracy by availing yourself UltraTax cloud hosting benefits.

UltraTax hosting on Quick Cloud for hassle free tax filing


UltraTax hosting on Quick Cloud for hassle free tax filing

Now integrate your Ultra tax program on Quick Cloud platforms equipped with the latest technology, file your taxes in less time with accurate information with Ultratax hosting. Adding extra features to your Ultra tax increases productivity and efficiency on the cloud. You can solely focus on filing your tax returns instead of worrying about your data security as our servers are reliable and specially designed for tax professionals. Ensure things go smoothly in the busy tax season by hosting your Ultratax software on the cloud. The automated data backups guarantee complete security. Your important files and data are protected from accidental deletion or theft, unexpected hardware malfunction, or malware attacks. Join the cloud revolution with an experienced cloud hosting provider for your favourite tax software.

Accessing your information real time with UltraTax cloud hosting

Accessing your information real time with UltraTax cloud hosting

UltraTax cloud hosting makes your favourite tax application accessible to you from anywhere, anytime, and from multiple devices; this allows users to get hold of their data in real-time and instant sharing of information, increasing collaboration and teamwork among employees. We know the importance of your financial data; that is why Quick Cloud provides servers hosted on SSAE-18 datacenters with data encryption and enterprise-grade protection that ensures the safety and security of your business data. Streamline your tax practice with UltraTax cloud hosting by creating a clutter-free working environment, as the need for manual and paper-based systems is eliminated. More accessible file sharing for improved decision-making is one of the added benefits of the cloud. Our methods promote hassle-free file sharing in a protected environment.


Benefits of UltraTax CS hosting on Quick Cloud servers

✔ Higher availability :

Highly available cloud servers for making your business data accessible all the time, we ensure 99.99 % of uptime on our servers. With our tax application hosting solutions, all the authorized users get the freedom to access their hosted applications and files from anywhere and work in sync.

✔ Flexibility:

As your business grows, you can always scale up the resources on the server with your growing needs; our cloud solutions are accessible from any location, ensuring high flexibility and mobility.

✔ Multi user access:

Simultaneous access to your data files by different users simultaneously increases collaboration between users. The more in sync the users will be, the higher the output.

✔ Data Backup:

We have automated data backups on multiple levels. Our backup copies are tested and stored in secure SSD drives onsite and offsite.

✔ Competitive pricing:

Now save big with our competitive pricing as we follow a pay-as-you-go model policy that allows users to pay only for their usage.

Features of UltraTax CS hosting supported
on Quick Cloud

Multiple monitors support

Work with more than two monitors on our cloud systems
to view your forms, input, and other
tax returns.

E- filing

With advanced E-filing capabilities, you can monitor every step of your e-file process to ensure that the returns are complete and the information is accurate.

Data sharing

Share data easily by automatically linking returns using your tax ID numbers to eliminate manual linking.

Multi-state processes

Schedule your C or K-1 income across states using the apportionment grid for your business returns.

Prep Checklist

Pull your checklist instantly with your
client data from last year

Why move your business to UltraTax cloud?


Why move your business to UltraTax cloud?

Accounting is a challenging and changing profession. Its continual modernization over recent decades has directly tracked the growth of technology. Clients demand more and also expect their accountant to provide business advice. This shifting tide is forcing accountants to explore ways to become even more productive, freeing them to spend time becoming their clients’ trusted advisors. UltraTax on cloud technology brings clear benefits for accountants; the clear majority of accountants believe that hosting UltraTax CS on the cloud makes their role easier by enabling collaboration with clients and improving service offerings. Accountants are freed from the administrative burden of data entry and entering a world of Ultratax cloud hosting technology where administrative tasks are becoming invisible. Research has suggested that the monotony of repetitive tasks can lead to a high staff turnover, introducing additional costs for a practice such as recruitment and training. Automating these processes makes complete business sense. At Quick Cloud, our systems are designed to automate processes and save time by providing benefits like backup, security, enhanced collaboration, anywhere accessibility, and flexibility.

Security Practices we follow while hosting
your UltraTax software

  • SSAE-18 certified data centers
  • 256 SSL encryption
  • Advanced firewall
  • Enterprise grade protection
  • Real time monitoring
  • Verification of logs
  • Antivirus/Anti Malware installed
  • PCI compliant environment

We know how important your data is for your business; it is our uppermost priority to maintain the integrity of your data. Our servers are equipped with top-notch protections that eliminate all the threats and keep the environment ideal for hosting your accounting tasks. Certified with SSAE-16 Type-II, our datacenters feature end-to-end data encryption, multi-level authentication, CISCO firewall, and anti-virus protection to grant 100% data security. As a PCI compliant Ultratax hosting provider, we follow all the parameters that provide you with secure cloud servers to work with; cybersecurity tools can track and monitor your servers in real-time operated by our maintenance team daily.

Managing Backups & ensuring business continuity

  • Ensuring cybersecurity practices
  • Relocation of servers in the event business locations is impacted or not available.
  • Establishing guidelines required to restore business processes.
  • Documentation & verification of the security logs.
  • Testing backup copies

One of the essential parts of being a secure UltraTax hosting provider is to have a business continuity plan in case of unforeseen circumstances; your business should be running. Business continuity is the planning and preparation undertaken to ensure that an organization can operate its critical business functions during emergency events. Events can include natural disasters, a business crisis, pandemic, workplace violence, or any event that results in a disruption of your business operation. Our servers are tried and tested for delivering business continuity, which means your data will never be lost on our Quick Cloud platforms, even in worst-case scenarios.

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