Cookie Policy

Cookies on Websites?

Cookies can be characterized as small files, mainly consisting of text and numbers, downloaded on users' devices whenever they visit certain websites. In essence, cookies are designed to enable websites to recognize a visitor on subsequent visits or authorize other related websites to identify this visitor for some particular purpose. According to the type and purpose of the cookie, each cookie expires after a specific amount of time and ensuring that websites function correctly. Websites use cookies to collect information about users. This allows them to provide users with a more customized experience.

Cookies: How do we use?

The different cookies we collect from users' devices are used for various purposes. Besides helping us track the performance of our website, cookies also enable us to provide you with tailored content based on your preferences. The cookies enable us to track how many visitors are visiting our website and how long they spend on it. Comments can also be made by visitors registered for our site. Some cookies, such as authentication cookies, are essential to safety and security.

Cookies stored?

Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Google Chrome stores all its cookies in a single file called Cookies. Each cookie stored by Firefox is stored in a separate file named cookies.sqlite. Cookies store non-human-readable information.

Cookies used for?


The website remembers users' actions or preferences by using cookies. It allows the website to customize the user's experience on the site.

User Sessions:

Whenever a user visits a website, a session cookie links the experience with relevant data and content.


Cookie files record the websites a user visits. The next time the browser loads content from the server that issued the cookie, the server receiving the information is notified.

What do Cookies do?

By storing information about your visit, the site can remember your preferences better and make the site more useful.


Visitors do not need to sign in each time they access a new webpage within a single session if they use an essential cookie. It allows visitors a more customized experience and helps the website function properly.

Performance and Functionality

Without these cookies, some media functions like videos may not be available properly. These cookies provide enhanced performance and functionality to a website, but they are not essential to its use.

Social Networking Cookies

Visitor devices receive some cookies from social media platforms when they browse through our website. Kindly refer to the privacy policy of the social media websites for further information:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Pintrest
  • Web Analytics and Customization

    These cookies provide website owners with information regarding how their site is being accessed and used, as well as statistics about user behaviour.

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