User Access Guide For Windows

How to connect Quick Cloud Server using Windows Computer:

Minimum Requirements:
1. Windows 7
2. Remote Desktop Protocol (connection) 7.1 or higher
3. 10 GB system drive space
4. 2 GB RAM
5. 1024 x 768 monitor resolution
6. 1.4 GHz Processor (CPU)

1. Windows 10, and 11
2. Remote Desktop Protocol (connection) 10.0
3. 20 GB hard drive space
4. 4 GB RAM
5. 2.1 GHz Processor (CPU)

Internet Connection:
At least 25 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload speeds required with stable connectivity.

Server Login Procedure:

1 : Click on “Windows” icon windows icon and type “MSTSC” select Remote Desktop Connection.
Download Remote Desktop Connection

2 : In “Computer” name box, need to enter the IP (Provided by Quick Cloud Hosting)
3 : Click on “Show Options”


4 : In “User name” box, need to enter the username provided by Quick Cloud Hosting.
User name

5 : Go to the “Display” tab and choose the color depth “High Color 16 bit”.

6 : Now, go back to the “General” tab and hit on “Save As”.
go back to the “General”

7 : Select the location “Desktop” and name that RDP file and hit on save.
 go back to the “General”

8 : Double click on “Remote Desktop Connector” to connect the Quick Cloud Hosting server.
Remote Desktop Connector

9 : Enter the “Password” for the respective user account and click on “OK”
Username and Password

NOTE : We never recommend our clients to save their RDP password due to security reasons.

Thank You! 😊

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