User Access Guide For Mac

How to connect Quick Cloud Server using Mac Computer:

Before connecting, make sure that all applicable security updates are installed on your operating system (Apple OS X). To connect Quick Cloud Hosting server from a Mac you need to use the Microsoft Remote Desktop v10 application.

Link to download Mac RDP

1 : Click on GET to download the RDP application. Once the installation in complete, click on Open.
GET to download the RDP application

2 : Click on + sign and select Desktop.
sign and select Desktop

3 : PC name: (You will get your server IP from Quick Cloud Hosting).
4 : Click the drop down of User account

get your server IP

5 : Need to enter the user account information you received from the Quick Cloud Hosting. Friendly name can be your name or anything that you want it to be named.
6 : Once you fill up all the information, hit on add.

Username and Password

7 : Click Add again to save the RDP.
 Add again to save the RDP

8 : Double click on the saved small box and you can hit continue if there is any Pop-up appears.
Username and Password

Thank You! 😊

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