Tax Hosting

Our program perform an important place in the tax community.

Nationwide tax preparers rely heavily on tax processing software’s to file the taxes along with reviewing financials records of their clients and also ensuring that they follow complete regulations and legislations.Few of the most commonly used programs by tax professionals are Drake, Lacerte and ProSeries tax. These programs made an important place in the tax community due to many useful inbuilt features.

Tax applications we host on our platforms :

It is a Tax software for processing individual, business, state and federal returns. It consists many additional features like Drake documents, Drake tax planner, and Drake scheduler which helps a tax professional to process returns more easily. Some of the other features are:
It is another software that is widely used by tax preparers all across the globe, it increases accuracy and efficiency with the help of automated calculations and diagnostics.Some of the important features of Lacerte are:
You can file returns using the Proseries tax software, it also manages the tax preparation process for importing and collection of data and it is much more affordable than Lacerte tax program. The man features of Proseries are:

Quickcloud improves the functionality of these programs in many different ways for the Tax professionals. There are many factors on cloud that enhance the ability of these tax programs and helps tax preparers to get the desired results.


Cloud Hosting for your tax applications is precisely the same programs you know and love, but on the cloud, you’ll have the most needed flexibility and security for your business. Second, you’ll have the adaptability to get to your documents from anyplace, any time on any gadget, which makes it much convenient for processing tax and filing returns. 

Enjoy the flexibility to delegate, review, and collaborate with your team from anywhere. With Quick Cloud Hosting, you can work together with your team on a return, using the same data at the same time, whether you’re in the same location or not. The users will be more collaborated and in sync with this in built feature of cloud.

Customized tailored plans for your organization gives you the option to pay only for what you utilize, the resources are scalable and can be upgraded or degraded as per your unique business needs. Competitive pricing

to reduce the burden of your IT and hassle free migration to the cloud with our experts team.

Lacerte Hosting, Proseries Hosting, Drake Hosting and Ultra Tax CS Hosting on Quick Cloud
Enjoy built-in layers of security, automatic backups, and seamless updates by moving your Lacerte, ProSeries, Drake and Ultra tax CS to the cloud with Hosting.

Seamless tax filing on Quick Cloud servers for more productivity

Our tax hosting solutions allow users to work in a more collaborated manner for more efficiency, as they will be able to access all their data from one centralized database stored securely on cloud. Our world class cloud platforms hosted in SSAE-18 type datacenters ensures higher availability of your data and a smooth performance, with our hosted tax solutions, it gives freedom to access their financial information from anywhere and at any time. Experience the utmost flexibility and freedom while filing tax returns on-the-go with fast paced, ease, and accuracy and make the most of your tax practice.


Enhanced performance for your favorite tax applications with superfast servers

Equipped with latest technology, our latest tax hosting solutions provides for a secure cloud based infrastructure to meet the optimal performance for your tax programs, our platforms are uniquely designed for CPAs, accountants and tax professionals. Factors such as SSD based storage, SSAE-18 certified datacenters, high uptime, and completely managed servers ensures that clients to receive the best possible tax cloud hosting experience. Expert IT team continuously monitors and manages the cloud, to confirm that the servers are operating at their full capacity, this cloud hosting arrangement gets you improved performance and better output with your tax software’s.


Benefits of Tax Hosting on Quick Cloud servers :

Hassle free data migration with our expert technicians

We ensure a smooth and hassle-free data migration with the help of our expert technicians, they use SSL encrypted secure data migration tools to transfer your data to our cloud, this assures us that your data is moved safely and securely. Few practices we follow for that:

Our business continuity Practices :