Service Level Agreement

Quick Cloud Hosting LLC – Service Level Agreement

The Service-Level Agreement (this "agreement" or this "Service Level Agreement") is made by and between Quick Cloud Hosting LLC and end users.

Service Level Agreements are contracts that outline exactly what a business must deliver to the customers or teams it serves. This Service Level Agreement is a contract between the company and the customer that lays out what type and quality of service the company will provide to the customer. Essentially, a service level agreement is a contract between two businesses, containing information regarding the business agreement as well as sections regarding rider agreements, service levels, service credits, performance monitoring, and acceptance. Every Quick Cloud customer is entitled to a free trial of all plans before paid hosting.

By signing this agreement, the company and the customers agree to enter into a Service Level Agreement. Customers will be bound to it as of the signing date.

Service Provided:

1. Meet and exceed customer service expectations by efficiently handling customer calls, email, and chat.
2. Follow and maintain existing standards for customer communications.
3. Develop systems and processes that provide timely and accurate support communications and issue resolution.

Service Levels:

1. Call Abandonment Rate: 3% to 5%
2. Resolution Rate: 90% to 100%
3. Customer Satisfaction Rating: 90% to 100%


1. Regular maintenance will be managed and performed by the company to ensure smooth operation.
2. In certain situations, the company may need to perform emergency maintenance, in such cases the company may or may not notify the customer in advance.
3. If additional required maintenance outside of the above hours, the company will notify the customer in advance of downtime by email.

Service Scope:

1. Hosting services are provided by the company for tax and accounting applications with predefined hosting fees.
2. The hosting company will manage the maximum high-up time.
3. The company manage and monitor the server's security and keep the backup in encrypted format.
4. The company provides customers with unlimited technical support via phone, email, and live chat in connection with their hosting services.

Service Availability:

1. Our peak hours are between 7:00 PM-10:00 PM IST Monday thru Friday. We guarantee an uptime of 99% during these hours yearlong.
2. If we experience Service Unavailability, our company will employ all its available resources to resolve the issue at the earliest possible time.
3. Neither scheduled nor emergency maintenance of servers counts in the Monthly Uptime Percentage due to factors outside of the company's reasonable control.
4. Service uptime is the key to driving your revenue and business success. Quick Cloud can help your organization reach various High Availability (HA) infrastructure goals. We have solutions to meet your needs, from continuous service availability to hardware fault tolerance. Quick Cloud can facilitate the maintenance of your HA environment, so you can rest assured that your application, users, and the customer never experience a service interruption.

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