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QuickBooks Hosting - A Brief Introduction

Let’s understand the concept of hosting for QuickBooks first, as we know, hosting let users access their data, programs or any other applications over the internet and it means the same here in case of QuickBooks, the hosting enables the users to access their QB through the internet from anywhere all over the world, the only basic prerequisite is an active internet connection.

QuickBooks Hosting is a cloud service provided by hosting service providers. This service is becoming more and more popular nowadays and hosting is an emerging trend in the world of business and QuickBooks Hosting service has been specially designed for the users who are looking for a hassle-free, secure and fast support in accessing their QuickBooks accounting data and software. There are a lot of benefits to centralize your QuickBooks accounting data storage on our servers. With guaranteed uptime and high speed access, it provides for real-time simultaneous remote access to the QuickBooks software and data files.

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The steps for QuickBooks Hosting are as follows:

  • Once a new user is registered with us, we ask you for your QuickBooks details such as your license/product code to install your QB on our server. As we do not lease or provide QB license, we use your license for the installation purpose.
  • The next step is to add backup tools and enable security to your account on the cloud so it will start saving backup copies in our database and it will always be monitored by the security/firewalls for threats.
  • In the third step, we dispatch your server login details such as username/passwords and connectors that you will use for login to the cloud; the dispatch email also contains instructions on login to the cloud.
  • Then you are good to move your QB Company file data to the cloud server using one of our secure data migration tools that follows the SSL based encryption for data security and helps moving the data safely.
Users can access their QuickBooks from any location using any device and will be able to work in that. This sums up how a new user is configured to work on our servers; however, a new user may have queries or need guidance with working in this environment, and that is where our expert technical support team comes in to help you with any general queries or technical issues. The technical support team works 24*7 and always available to respond to your queries or issues over the call, chat or through emails. They follow up promptly and react quickly.

Benefits of hosting for QuickBooks on cloud environment


Cloud lets you access your applications and data from anywhere, anytime using any device. This is not limited to one user; multiple users in your team can access their data files simultaneously from their devices. Not only this gives mobility to the users but it also helps in an increased collaboration and teamwork between the users.


We follow a pay as you go model policy, which means you can only pay based on your resource consumption; it is suitable for when your business is expanding and even when you are focused on savings. It also gives flexibility to scale or downgrade resources on the cloud as per the requirement.

Data Security

One of the most important aspects of being working on a cloud server is to safeguard your data with the help of the enterprise grade protections deployed on the cloud. We do have advanced securities as well multiple secure check points that have been created to ensure nothing passes through that is unwanted or malicious in nature.

Secure Data Centers & Cloud Infrastructure to ensure data security:

Data Backup

Data Backup on a cloud server is different as the data is not only backed up at a single location but in different multiple locations considering natural calamities. The backup is taken on a daily basis through automated tools and manually as well to ensure nothing is missed.

Software updates

The technical team is responsible for performing any updates or upgrades in the applications on the server; they do it on a daily basis and during non-working hours so your work will not be interrupted. They also take care of any downloads, installation or other windows updates on the cloud.

IT Savings

As our expert team of technicians is taking care of your IT needs which includes resolving your technical queries, updates, printing, and scanning with server maintenance. You can cut off your IT overhead significantly as our team will be responsible for handling your IT needs.

Hosting for QuickBooks helps you grow with Multi User Collaboration:

It is very important for an organization to be able to have their users working in a collaborative manner to achieve the highest possible productivity. This very much depends on the kind of platform the users are working on locally or even on a cloud; Quickbooks hosting on Quick cloud servers let you manage your Quickbooks from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone anytime from anywhere. Quick cloud hosting provides a flexible accounting solution for CPAs and accountants all over the world and the most important part is that accountants can login and work with their online stored data in secure datacenters with QuickBooks hosting on managed servers.

You can without much of a stretch deal with every one of your clients and providers at one spot; approach bookkeeping data whenever, anyplace and on any gadget. Having broad highlights for your accounting and bookkeeping needs, QB hosting is basic and simple to use on Quick cloud servers

Support for QuickBooks integrated apps on Quick Cloud:

There are a lot of different tools, add-ons or applications that get integrated with QB in order to exchange data. These applications generally run in the background and automatically synchronize the data at startup. These apps are not only supported on our platform but also work the same as on your local computer, there are clients already using such sync tools on our servers, some of the most commonly used programs are QBwebconnector, Expensify, bill.com, T sheets, Transaction pro etc.

Our platforms are set up to allow these tools from the security and firewall for them to function, as that is necessary for the data exchange to take place. There are no differences in how this program works on or outside the cloud. So basically, QuickCloud does support the complete functionality of these apps including transferring and exchange of the data. Connect seamlessly with your current apps to keep your business running smoothly with hosted Quickbooks on Quick cloud server

Support for qb integrated app on Quick cloud

Practices we have in place to recover from disasters:

In IT, disaster is a term used in the scenario when an organization is facing downtime and stuck at a point due to accidental loss of the data that can be caused by any malicious or malware attacks. A good QuickBooks cloud hosting provider always plans for this in advance. Now let’s take a look at a few of the points that display our advance preparation to prevent these events.

  • SSL encryption 256 bit.
  • Windows firewall with advanced security.
  • Enterprise grade network protection.
  • SSAE-16 certified data centers.
  • PCI Compliant
  • Real time monitoring & tracking using security tools.
These are few security compliances we follow already in our infrastructure. But if it comes to a situation where we have to deploy our disaster recovery tools and methods. We have advance planning and preparation undertaken to ensure the capability to operate business functions during emergency events. Also, our IT infrastructure is based on the parameters of recovering from any disaster, we cannot share all our practices and methodologies here, but we got you covered in such situations.
The methods we can apply as a fix:
  • Scanning of interfaces on both users and server’s end.
  • Data restoration from different backup copies.
  • Verifying security logs from different time frames.
  • Testing backup copies and ensuring business continuity.

We are twice as secure as your regular cloud hosting service with our bank-grade encryption policy, making our servers practically impossible to decode. Our data centers are SSAE-16 certified and protected by firewalls. Your personal information is private, and our enterprise-grade network protection makes sure they stay that way.

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