The reliability of our data centers is 99.99 % that ensures the efficient functioning of your business and supported by smooth accessibility of your data for all operations. That also ensures the high availability of our cloud servers and increased productivity for the end users.


As your business grows, your data storage needs would increase accordingly. The ways and speed of accessing this data would also need to adapt with this growth. Our datacentres has plans for future expansion and can provide you these additional resources, even with short notice.

24*7 Monitoring

Our datacenters are monitored 24*7 by dedicated server maintenance team to ensure the functionality of the servers and they are very fast with the request of the users, their queries or concerns.

Disaster Recovery

We have experts onboard to constantly review, plan and test various disaster protocols and applying policies that will safeguard the data in such situations. Industry standards disaster recovery mechanisms are put in place.

Ensuring secure infrastructure

Your data is important to us and its safekeeping is always our number one priority. We have rigorous regulations regarding access to our servers not only virtually, but also physically. Only authorized personnel are allowed entry into our facilities, and this is ensured through the use of layers of state-of-the-art biometrics and scanners. This is further bolstered by a lack of outdoor handles in order to prevent re-entry. Constant video and audio surveillance is, of course, an essential aspect of preventing any untoward incidents by monitoring the premises for any suspicious activity. Intrusion detections and prevention system monitors run in real-time to ward off any threats that could breach the safety of your data. Software and hardware firewalls are present at both our datacentres and servers to prevent malicious and unwanted traffic. Furthermore, daily security audits are carried out by our highly trained staff to detect any vulnerabilities or weak points within the system and infrastructure.

1. Security: Your data is well protected by our SSAE-16 certified datacenters, firewalls, threat detection, surveillance and controlled access.

2. Redundancy: With the duplication of critical components and fail safe, the reliability of the system is increased.

3. Network connectivity: For your business needs, the datacenter needs to be accessed easily from remote locations so we have premium bandwidth and network.

4. Sustainable: Distributed storage units, cooling facilities, and dynamic workload and energy management makes our datacenters more sustainable.

5. Infrastructure: Our datacenters are located at multiple locations so the services will not be impacted if one of the locations is down. The servers will be functional in the case of power outage also. Both the physical and virtual security of the data is protected in our datacenters.

Our best security practices:

  • Physical access control by using biometric and scanners, no outdoor handles, preventing reentry.
  • All endpoints are secured with network protection installed on all entry points.
  • Maintaining video and entry logs to identify and record any suspicious activities.
  • Daily security audits help in recognizing the vulnerable points and loopholes in the system.
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems monitor the network and system activity real time to prevent any threat or unusual events.
  • Virtual and physical firewalls filter unwanted traffic on the network and are deployed by both on our servers and datacenters.
  • Tier 3 and Tier 4 with built in redundancies to ensure uptime and access.

In the face of unexpected and unforeseen disasters, we have measures and guidelines set up to guarantee that your business processes remain smooth and functional. Our in-house experts continuously review, plan, and test protocols in simulations of both natural and man-made setbacks. With our streamlined plan of action, you can rest assured that your financial data is in good hands.

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